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Searchtyre.com.au is one of Australia's leading tyre search engines, where you will find the right tyre for your specific vehicle and needs.  With more than 50 tyre brands on our site Searchtyre has the data for just about every vehicle on the roads.
We list all the leading tyre brands including Dunlop, Pirelli, Goodyear, Michelin, Continental, Cooper, Kumho, Yokohamma and more. So save time, compare online and find the tyres you need right here.
Know exactly which tyres you need to buy and where to get them in your location at the best price.

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The tyre business is highly competitive and confusing to customers who just want to get the right tyre at the right price. People can find it overwhelming calling store after store and being quoted different prices and advice. Searching online you are presented with pages of results and paid ads to visit and compare.

"We’ve done the searching for you"

Here at searchtyre.com.au we are all about tyres so you will find everything you need in one place.  Our simple-to-use search tool can help everyone from the inexperienced buyer to the all-out tyre critic.

Searchtyre.com.au is brought to you by Searchtyre Pty Ltd. and The idea for Searchtyre came when we were looking for a site where we could compare tyres without have to search for hours online, or open multiple sites with confusing information and pricing. 

When we couldn’t find it, we’ve built it ourselves to help other Australian consumers!
Searchtyre is the only tool you need to find the right tyre that you can buy in your local area.  With a simple interface that just about anyone can use, it’s your online search shortcut.