Frequently Asked Questions

What can I search for on Search Tyre ?
You can search from 1000's of tyres that include - Passanger, Performance, Suv, 4wd, Light commercial and some larger truck tyres.
How do I find the tyre I'm after?
Search Tyre has 4 options to search by so that you can find the tyre your after quicker.
For those of you who know exactly what you are after then simply choose the search by Model, Search by Size, Search by Brand or if you only know the type of car you have then you can use the default search setting Search by Vehicle which will give you the size thats on your car.

Can I buy tyre from this site?
Search Tyre offers a direct contact links to the nearest retailer where you can purchase your tyres.
Where can I find the tyre size that my vehicle takes?
Most vehicles have a Tyre Placard which you will find on either the driver door, glove box or the fuel cap.
The Placard will give you all the info you will need in order to search for the right tyre, the info should include the size, load, speed rating of the tyre it should also show the correct tyre pressure that you should inflate too (OE Tyres).
Can I put a different pressure in my tyres?
After 25 years in the tyre industry I have seen a trend of tyre stores inflating tyres to higher pressure in order to make them handle better and last longer, adding 2-4 psi more to a tyre can stop the tyre overheating which causes premature wear, how ever make sure that you don't over inflate your tyre as this can have a adverse affect. If your car has the OE tyres fitted it is recommended to use the vehicles specified pressure.For more info and illustrations please visit the tyre tips page here.
What are Run Flat Tyres?
Run Flat tyres allow you too travel a limited distance if you have had a tyre deflate due to a puncture. Run Flat tyres are only meant to be fitted to a vehicles that came out with them from the factory, the reason for this is that most alloy or steal rims are designed different please consult you vehicle manufacture to see if it is safe to use this type of tyre on your rims before purchasing. It is not recommended to mix different run flat technologies/products.

When should I get a Wheel Alignment?
If you do around 10,000 kms a year then you should have your wheel alignment done at lease once, if you do an average of 19,000 - 20,000 km's a year then you should get your alignment done every 6 months.
If you see un evenly worn tyres or if your vehicle pulls/drifts to one side of the road then head in to your nearest tyre retailer and have you wheel alignment checked.

For more info and illustrations please visit the tyre tips page here.
How often should I rotate my tyres?
Its recommend to rotate your tyre every 10,000 km's , most service centres rotate during the serving intervals, if they don't then have your nearest tyre store have them do it for you, if you do discide tho rotate the tyres then you should have them balanced and aligned too.

For more info and illustrations please visit the tyre tips page here.
When should I change my tyres?
As a general rule, tyres should be replaced when the tread depth gets below 2mm. To tell the depth of your tread, look for the wear indicators, which are rubber blocks found in four grooves that run around the tyre circumference. The wear indicator is 1.6mm thick, which is the legal limit in Australia. If your tyres reach the minimum depth they must be changed or you put your own safety at risk. Other circumstances such as tyre damage, vehicle mileage and a tyres age should also be considered for replacement.