Payment Info

Transaction Id

In this column you will see STMS or STMST followed by numbers

STMS stands for Search Tyre Member Subscription

STMST stands for Search Tyre Member Subscription Trial

Payment Date

Payment date is the date that your card or account was charged

Payment Method

Payment method is how the subscription was payed for that month

Payment Amount

Payment Amount is the amount that you have been charged. All amounts include GST


You can download your invoices from the payment history page

Types of Payments

Trial Coupon (only applies for new dealer subscription which can only be used one time)

Credit Card

Direct Debit Form (You should only need to download this form once as your details will be stored for future ref). Should you chose to change your payment method please contact us via the contact form.

All payments made include GST

If you would like to change your payment method please select option below

Credit or Debit Card(you can enter your card details here)

Direct Debt Account (download here)

New Dealer Subscription

New Dealer Subscriptions will be charged $675 for the 12 month period thats $56.25 per month, you will then be charge the normal subscription rate after the first 12 months.

Standard Subscription

Standard subscription fee of $75 can be payed by the month and canceled at any time. If you are on the New Dealer Subscription plan and are close to the expiriry, once the last payment is made you will be sent a reminder about the new fee that will be charge on the following month should you wish to stay with Search Tyre.

To cancel your search Tyre Subscription please download

If you are with in a subscription period the subscription
will end on the next billing cycle.

Closing your account

If you decide to close your account all your data will be removed
from all search result as a retailer on